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SkyCNG Enters Agreement to Supply Fleet Scale Fueling Systems

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Bob Barba
SkyCNG Enters Agreement to Supply Fleet Scale Fueling Systems

Austin, TX | March 30th, 2021

SkyCNG is delighted to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Onboard Dynamics to promote and sell its GoFlo®, GoFill®, and GoVac® product lines.

GoFlo CNG compressorGoFlo is a natural-gas-powered compressor that provides convenient time-fill vehicle refueling to fleet operators for whom access to CNG refueling infrastructure is limited, unavailable, or cost prohibitive. The system is modular, affordable, and scalable, making it suitable for small to medium sized operators using up to 840 GGE (gallons of gasoline equivalent) per day.


GoFill fleet CNG fueling stationGoFill is a modular fuel distribution system that, together with the GoFlo compressor, provides operators with everything they need to construct a self-contained CNG refueling station. The GoFill station includes a dryer, filters, pressure regulator, and 2-4 refueling hoses and nozzles. Its trailer-mounted design means a CNG fueling station can be setup or repositioned very quickly, even in challenging infrastructure locations.



GoVac pipeline gas evacuation systemGoVac is a mobile solution for evacuating gas from pipelines without flaring or venting, helping pipeline operators and service providers minimize greenhouse gas emissions during gas pipeline maintenance.


Contact SkyCNG for More Info

If you are a fleet operator or pipeline maintenance contractor, contact SkyCNG today for further information about these exciting additions to our supported product line.

About Onboard Dynamics

Founded in 2013, Onboard Dynamics is leading the climate-tech revolution with the introduction of its unique, patented natural gas compression technology. This mobile, scalable, affordable technology platform enables our customers to achieve economic value and environmental benefits by simplifying the compression and movement of natural gas. Whether they are deployed at a remote pipeline job site, in the field, or at a fleet yard, our product solutions can accept any low-pressure natural gas or a renewable natural gas source and then compress or move this natural gas for responsible use.

About SkyCNG

Founded in 2009, SkyCNG helps vehicle operators affordably achieve their environmental goals by understanding and applying solutions that take advantage of abundant American natural gas. Our mission is to raise fleet operators' awareness and understanding of alternative fuel options, helping them leverage CNG conversion to take real steps toward their carbon reduction goals while minimizing capital expenditure and optimizing their return on investment.


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