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Announcing SkyCNG's New Brand & Website

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Bob Barba
Announcing SkyCNG's New Brand & Website

Those of you who have been following SkyCNG for a while will notice some pretty radical changes this week. A new brand, a brand-new website, and a sharper focus on helping businesses hit their emissions-reduction targets by converting engines to run on CNG fuel.

Hopefully, you like what we’ve done to the place!

Since acquiring the company in June, we’ve been studying the market, pursuing technological improvements, working to expand our product offering, identifying potential customers, and organizing our ideas about who should benefit most from the CNG conversions we make possible.

When the business was established in 2009, CNG conversion was primarily aimed at capturing fuel cost savings. With the collapse in oil prices, that incentive – as well as government incentive programs launched around the same time – dwindled.

Now, businesses large and small are coming under increasing pressure from investors, customers, and the public to reduce their environmental impact. Converting engines to run on CNG is once again a relevant and cost-effective solution.

Together with our strategy and marketing advisors, Strategic Piece, we’ve developed a new brand identity that’s modern, clean, and distinctive.

That brand has been applied to our website, which has undergone a major overhaul to make it more relevant, informative, and easy to access.

We’ve launched this blog, where we will be writing regularly about the technical, commercial, and environmental aspects of CNG conversions - and alternative fuels in general - as well as other topics we think you, our customers and followers, will find relevant and interesting.

Please let us know how we’re doing! We value your feedback and want to publish content that answers your questions and addresses the issues that you consider most important.

Join our mailing list, follow our company page on LinkedIn, and keep an eye out for our latest posts.

We know that your attention is being pulled in a hundred different directions. Thank you for devoting part of it to SkyCNG!


Bob Barba

Owner and CEO


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