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What Makes SkyCNG's Conversion Kits Better?

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Bob Barba
What Makes SkyCNG's Conversion Kits Better?

Most of our blog posts focus on providing you with technical information and pro tips to help you choose, install, operate, and enjoy a CNG conversion. However, this post is unashamedly self-promoting!

We get asked all the time: What’s so special about SkyCNG conversion kits?

Here are seven reasons to prefer our solutions over the competition…

1. Multi-Stage Regulator

Inferior CNG conversion kits include a single stage regulator (also known as a “reducer”) that cannot efficiently drop fuel pressure from the 3,600-psi supply to the required injector operating pressure. A performance regulator also has to ensure constant output at low CNG pressures, which is almost impossible with a single stage device. Finally, many inferior regulators were designed for 3,000-psi operation (which is common in other countries) and not for the 3,600-psi US standard.

SkyCNG offers two regulators:

  • The SkyPRO multi-stage regulator is designed for 3,600-psi operation on engines up to 375 horsepower, providing flow rates of 70+ kg/hr.
  • The SkyPRO-HD multi-stage regulator is designed for heavy duty vehicles with engines larger than 5 liters, and for aggressive towing and driving, providing flow rates of 150+ kg/hr.

Our regulators are long lasting and provide steady CNG pressure to the injector rails even under high-stress conditions.

CNG reducer

2. High Performance Injection

To ensure fuel efficiency, we procure high-performance Hana injectors from Korea. These are widely recognized as the best CNG injectors on the market. The Hana injectors don’t make the kit great on their own. We pair them with a fully featured engine control unit (ECU) and a regulator that can deliver constant fuel pressure. Some competitors offer Hana injectors as an upgrade but forget that their performance is dependent on other components in the system.

CNG injectors

3. Tuning Technology

Together with our partner, LPGtech, we have developed a cutting-edge combination of firmware, software, and tuning algorithm. We are the exclusive distributor of this technology package in the United States. In just a few clicks, you will have a perfectly tuned vehicle and be able to easily see if there is any potential for fuel trim imbalance - the most common cause of check engine lights.

4. Fuel Trim Following

Our kits enable fuel trim following by constantly communicating with the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) system to monitor the fuel-air mixture for optimum performance. Our control system uses an adaptive dynamic map (ADM) to provide multi-point fuel mixture adjustment. Most other sequential systems only use a single point at which the fuel composition is modified. The algorithm measures fuel injection times and OBD fuel trims to make real-time adjustments. This ensures the best possible engine performance while running on CNG, as well extending engine life and maximizing fuel efficiency.

5. Integrated Map & Temperature Sensors

The SkyCNG kits features an integrated MAP sensor and CNG temperature sensor, which eliminates hose connections and enables a faster and cleaner install.

CNG temp sensor

6. Designed Exclusively for the US Market

Our CNG conversion kits are made exclusively for the US market, combining the best available components from around the world. No other supplier offers a commercial grade system of this quality.

We are constantly investigating new components and investing to keep our product updated as the technology advances.

7. Dedicated Support

If a technical issue arises, our staff are dedicated to solving it in a timely manner. CNG conversion is our business and we’re here to help make it work for you.

Those are our top 7 reasons for recommending our conversion kits to prospective customers. What are yours? We love receiving your feedback – good and bad! – and look forward to conversations about how we can make our solutions even better.

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